The Lions of Central Virginia Mobile Health Unit(MHU) is a medically-equipped screening unit that services the Central Virginia area. Providing free sight and hearing screenings at schools, fairs, and other public events. The MHU provides screenings at the Remote Area Medical (RAM) events held throughout Virginia, providing a much needed service to those who would otherwise not be able to afford.

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The earlier medical issues such as glaucoma and sight and hearing loss can be detected the sooner life-threatening health problems can be prevented.

This year the Lions Central Virginia Mobile Health Unit will provide screening services to more than 3,000 individuals. The annual cost to operate the MHU is more than $60,000. The MHU fills a void greatly needed in many communities, Lions provide a service many individuals can not afford on their own, we would greatly appreciate your financial support.

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What’s inside the MHU

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What’s a LERMU?


     In 2017, the Lions of former District 24-B were looking for a way to make eyeglass recycling easier for Central Virginia clubs. Driving two hours each way to process eyeglasses when gas was at $3 per gallon just didn’t make a lot of sense. Not only was it expensive, it dramatically cut hands-on time.

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     After trying regular recycling days with limited success, the group has re-branded as Lions Eyeglass Recycling Mobile Unit (LERMU), a subsidiary of the Lions of Central Virginia Mobile Health Unit. “The mobile model is working well,” the group says. “Clubs can schedule their recycling events and we provide the equipment and supplies.” Since the   mobile model’s introduction last summer, clubs have put back to work over 5,000 pairs of 

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After Event 

Reporting Form

donated eyeglasses. Clubs partner for event days, enjoy fellowship, and 

are recruiting new members.

     To learn more, contact Lion Helen Person (434-315-5845 or

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