Officer Training

Leadership Fridays

Leadership Fridays is an online learning experience open to all Lion members. The training is held the second Friday of each month from 7 – 8 PM.

Upcoming Leadership Fridays

Peace Poster presenter Lion Joy Richardson 10/9/2020

Mentoring the Next Generation of Lions presenters Lions Mack Stevens, Ruth and Ethan Perez 11/13/2020

Specialty Clubs presenter Lion Homer Cook 12/11/2020

Club Succession Planning presenter 1st VDG Greg Cole 1/8/2021


Our first series of classes were offered to train club officers for their respective positions. The PowerPoint and audio recordings of each session are available for download. Additional materials relevant to the positions are also included with the topic. Some audio files have a small delay before the course begins.


Club President presenter: Lion Mike Petty8/28/2020

01 Club President PPTX

02 Club President Audio File

03 Club President E-book


Club Secretary presenter DG Scott Durbin8/21/2020

01 Club Secretary PPTX

02 Club Secretary Audio File

03 Club Secretary E-book


Club Treasurer presenter PDG Lee Winder8/14/2020

01 Club Treasurer PPTX

02 Club Treasurer Audio File

03 Club Treasurer E-book

04 Best Financial Practices for Transparency


Club Membership Chair presenter PDG Donna Weiler 8/7/202001

Membership Planning in Action PPTX

02 Membership Planning in Action Audio File

03 Club Membership Chair e-book

04 Club Membership Chair Job Description

05 Benefits of Being a Lion

06 New Member Induction Ceremony


New Member Orientation Presenter Lion Cecil Smithson9/11/2020

01 District 24-I New Member PPTX

02 District 24-I New Member Orientation Audio File

03 LCI Fact Sheet

04 LCI Orientation Video

05 LCI New Member Booklet 

Other Club Resources

Club GST Chair E-book

Marketing Communications Chair Guide

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