MD 24 Constitution & By-Laws Proposed Changes

The Multiple District 24 Council of Governors (COG) have recognized the need to review the in-effect MD24 Constitution and By Laws (C&BL) and tasked the MD24 C&BL Committee as such.

The MD24 C&BL Committee reviewed the in-effect C&BL, the LCI C&BL, the Standard Form Multiple District C&BL, and the Standard Form District C&BL and proposed the following plan of action which was approved by the COG.

  • Review the in-effect C&BL and determine unique to MD24 articles, provisions, and elements.
  • Review the current LCI C&BL, of which all items are mandatory, to determine items that are applicable to Multiple or sub-Districts.
  • Review the Standard Form District C&BL to determine mandatory items that are applicable to the Multiple District.
  • Using the Standard Form Multiple District C&BL as a base document, incorporate items unique to MD24 resulting in a revised MD24 C&BL (proposed).
  • Develop a MD24 Board Policy Manual containing items critical to efficient operations of MD24 that may be subject to changes due to technology, procedures, requirements, etc.
  • De-conflict all mandatory articles, provisions, or items in the Revised MD24 C&BL with all applicable mandatory items.
  • Color code proposed changes.
    • White = LCI, Standard, MD, or Standard District C&BL (mandatory items)
    • Yellow = In-effect MD24 C&BL unique items
    • Green = Committee recommended updates

The following documents are provided for your review in accordance with Article IX, Section 3, of the in-effect MD24 Constitution, and Article VII, Section 3, of the By Laws. These articles state the Constitution and By Laws Committee shall give each Lions Club, in the State Organization, a notice of each such proposed amendment at least sixty (60) days prior to the convening date of the Annual Convention (April 27-30, 2023).

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